Sunday, March 8, 2009


just when you think winter is never going to end, and you contemplate getting a hat permanently super-glued to your head, new york hands you a spectacular sunday that jogs your memory to the glory of sunglasses and spring coats and outdoor dining. before the stink of summer, before you have to lug your air conditioner out of storage, before dirty sandal feet and humid urine-scented subway platforms ... come sublime lazy sundays in march. 

First to the pulse art fair. i don't necessarily get the whole point of art fairs, but i like looking at art and putting it into one of the following categories:  a: we could totally make that (35%) b: why is that in this show? (30%) c: it takes a ton of balls to stand behind that, but now that you have i'm mostly on board (28%) d: this is blowing my mind (7%).  how much is real talent, and how much is just having an idea, then having the confidence to go through with it and hang it on a wall? in some instances the emperor definitely wasn't wearing any clothes... but i had a great time and saw the requisite weird videos of naked women in the woods wearing body decorations made of trash. so i'm satisfied.

i really loved this beautiful & macabre wall hanging by jodie carey made of feathers and bones

vadis turner's tampon cake was both beautiful and cheeky

it's a mechanical bull! decorated with beer cans and spikes! kristian kozul - i want you at my next party.

next on to cafe 'ino for sustenance in the form of this amazing antipasto plate and something with bubbles, and the recipe for the perfect sunday is complete.

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