Monday, January 26, 2009

blood berries

i've deliciously wasted my entire week watching HBO's "Rome" - seasons 1&2 - blood, orgies, slaves, excess, villas, and more blood. in real life i'm queasy at the sight of blood, but on the screen of my crappy tv... totally into it.  t and i will spend the rest of the weekend talking in bad british accents (why aren't they italian?) about antony & cleopatra and stepping on wayward berries.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

shower me

THE best bridal shower ever was an epic affair in which a tarot reader told 1/2 the girls to dump their boyfriends, the hostess entertained with expert headstands and moonwalking and everyone (but the mom to be) prosecco'd out and came up with baby names like corduroy and lamp shade...

oh, and there were these:

congrats jess! we can't wait to meet your small pod... though you probably shouldn't let any of us near it