Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the beach is calling me with its siren song

i'm going to treasure beach in jamaica next week which is really exciting because it will be my first time in the tropics! (not counting tropix nightclub, obv)  it's also a recession, so my goal is to not spend dough on clothes before i go, which is nearly impossible - all reasonable vacation fantasies involve stunning new beach ensembles.  SO, i have decided to make new items, which may sound like a stretch, but stick with me here. my first attempt is made out of an old t-shirt + a sewing machine and an hour of my time. i give you.... the beach cover-up:

it's convenient that i like un-finished edges and clothing items that could have been attacked by a wild animal.


  1. Will borrow! (Or, want one. Bday coming up quick).

  2. super cute, kat!

  3. I am WAY impressed. I think I have an old t- shirt laying around....a botttle of wine.... and maybe even a Neil Young record. What do you say? Craft Night?