Monday, November 23, 2009

weekend epiphany

with obvious inspiration from a california girl, and some paper scraps, it's actually possible to make invitations to a baby shower sans diapers, storks and baby animal imagery.

side bar: remember when you had to do handwriting exercises in 3rd grade and you wrote cursive for so long you thought your hand was gonna fall off, and you thought surely when you're grown up, you won't have this problem because you'll be so practiced at the art of drawing letters on paper that you'll develop super-human writing muscles? turns out it still hurts write a lot. damn you keyboards.


  1. How lucky am I??? They are beautiful!!

  2. These are so gorgeous! You are amazing!! I'm totally getting pregnant just to get you to make invites...

  3. GORGEOUS. You are quite talented, Miss Parker. Makes me have that song in my head "Mushaboom, mushaboom..."

  4. Cute!! so glad you were inspired.