Sunday, May 10, 2009

mannequin - a cautionary tale

when we were little, my sister wanted to grow up to be a mannequin.  Jen: thank god you decided to get that degree in graphic design, because the recession would surely have taken its toll had you decided to stick with that career route.  you could have been just another poor cha-cha at the doomed virgin megastore, corralled in the basement, getting grab-assed by the other ladies:

(which i guess doesn't really look that bad, but still)

and remember that twilight zone episode "the after hours?" god it's good.  hint: it's about mannequins. i urge you to watch, and thank your little stars that you didn't go down this road.


  1. Did you ever see that hideous 80's movie where Andrew McCarthy falls in love with a mannequin that comes to life?

  2. Denise... the movie is called Mannequin and it stars Kim Catrall, and I wanted to be the Mannequin! It was good.

    Oh sister, you know me so well. Sometimes I still pretend, like when I am in stores I talk to the manequins as if they are my species. They don't usually grab-ass me, but I wish they did. That woudl bring us closer.