Sunday, March 29, 2009

jamaican fantasy ride

i think our trip to jamaica last week was my favorite vacation i've ever taken (with the exception of when my family drove cross-country when i was 15 and there are pictures of me scowling in front of all the most important national monuments. that was a travel highlight.)  warm people, delicious food, perfect water and so much in the way of wild life! we'd be eating breakfast and a pink humming bird would buzz by, then a little lizard would scurry up a tree - we saw families of dolphins on the open sea, big ol crocodiles up the the black river, a rainbow of tropical fish on the coral reef, and the coolest cat ever, chris blackwell, chillin at the bar with a redstripe. 

please excuse my gratuitous use of the photo function. i just can't help myself. treasure beach 4 eva!

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